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The Brooklyn Flea


I love flea markets. In fact I drive my family a little crazy when that’s what I want to do on vacations. Yeah, that’s a nice beach, but let’s hit that flea market instead.

One of my favorite of all time is in Brooklyn. I love just about everything about the Brooklyn Flea. The two day event, the smells of the food, the fact that it is indoors in the winter and just the variety of junk! In fact the typewriter image shown above was taken at the indoor location at One Hansen Place (right near the Barclays Center!).

The summer months brings a whole different experience to the flea market with two different locations on one weekend. I haven’t yet convinced the family to visit both places on the same weekend, not yet anyway.

Best thing of all — Admission Fee: None! A welcome relief from the cost to attend many flea markets in the midwest.

From my article on About.com:

The Brooklyn Flea is at the top of my list of must-visit flea markets, it has everything you can want from vintage clothing, furniture, pottery, toys, kitchenware, in other words — all manner of tchotchkes. It’s a collector’s delight and a minimalist’s nightmare. The operators have done a good job of creating a good mix of some new, mostly vintage stuff, along with a variety of foods to eat there, as well as take home.

The Brooklyn Flea was started in 2008 and, in the almost four years of existence, has become a popular spot to hang out on the weekends. Even though I live 1500 miles away it hasn’t stopped me from finding and buying great goodies — favorite purchases include a dresser, red doors, a typewriter, a magnifying necklace and an amazing rubber stamp set that is over 100 years old. Okay, I didn’t ship the doors or dresser, but they were great additions to son’s nearby home.