Barb Crews


Barbara Crews has been collecting for as long as she can remember. While she’s had a hand in selling, buying is what she does best.


Barbara has been the Guide to Collectibles since 1997. She has been featured on A & E’s Incurable Collector, as well an M & M commercial that showcased various collectibles. Barbara has contributed to and been profiled in many magazines specializing in antiques and collectibles, such as Antique Trader, Today’s Vintage, Collector’s Mart, Antique & Collectibles Showcase, Collectors News, Celebrate 365 and Northeast Journal , and has shared her expertise for collectible price guides. She was an invited guest of eBay’s at the Collectibles Summit during its four years of existence.

Barbara was the founder of the American Cookie Jar Association. She writes two monthly newsletters, one about collecting, and one specifically for cookie jar collectors.


To me collecting is more than a hobby, it’s a passion to share with friends and family. There is nothing more satisfying than having a member of the younger generation express an interest in vintage and antique pieces.

Traveling is another hobby and one that works well with the collecting hobby. My favorite place to travel is anywhere there is a flea market in another part of the world. From Roatan, Honduras, to Rome, Italy to St. Petersburg in Russia, I’ve found treasures everywhere!

The Internet has forever changed the world of collecting as we once knew it and that’s a good thing. But a word to the wise is — collect with your heart, but be smart!