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Ford and American Pickers — Join the Scavenger Hunt!

American Pickers Van

When I interviewed Mike Wolfe during on the early seasons of American Pickers, I was really surprised at the number of negative comments about, of all things, the guys driving a foreign vehicle. At the time Mike said, it was the only one that worked. Well that’s apparently in the past as it’s just been announced that the the 2015 Ford Transit is joining the cast of American Pickers.

To celebrate they company is having a scavenger hunt in ten metropolitan areas — find the scale model at one of ten antique stores across the country for the use of a Ford Transit van for two weeks.

If I was in one of those areas, I’d be out there all weekend checking out the shops, trying to find the right one. More about the scavenger hunt can be found here, along with the cities in the hunt.

From Ford:
DEARBORN, Mich., April 29, 2014 – Ford Transit is joining History’s “American Pickers” as stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel around the United States, searching remote and rustic locations for classic gems that can be restored and resold.

Wolfe and Fritz will drive a 2015 Transit, a full-size van designed for commercial use, in their mission to find these relics.

“The biggest thing is, when the van is full, then we’ve got to come home. I’m interested in real estate on wheels,” Wolfe says during the episode airing April 30. “There were four or five different vehicles I was looking at, and I just keep coming back to the Ford as the better choice.”

“American Pickers” will use the largest Transit model – with a long wheelbase, extended body and high roof – featuring the available Ford 3.2-liter Power Stroke five-cylinder diesel engine. The show is just one example of how Ford Transit serves the needs of small businesses and commercial fleets.

To celebrate the debut of Transit on “American Pickers,” Ford is hosting a scavenger hunt that challenges contestants to find one of 10 scale-model Transit vehicles on display in antique shops across the United States. The 10 winners get the use of a 2015 Transit for two weeks.

From Ford:
There’s a scavenger hunt afoot, and 10 people will have a chance to win the use of a 2015 Ford Transit! The first step is to find one of 10 scale-model Ford Transit vans that will be located in antique shops in 10 metropolitan areas from April 29, 2014, through July 1, 2014. If you find one of the models, tweet @Ford with a photo of the code on the model and the hashtag #Fordcontest to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the use of a Transit van for two weeks.

Want to know where to look? Head for one of these cities from now until July 1.
Kansas City, Missouri
New York
Orlando, Florida
San Francisco

For more information check out their website at http://social.ford.com/our-articles/trucks/transitconnect/ford-transit-scavenger-hunt/