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Speaking of Jars . . .

What famous artist also collects cookie jars and confesses to owning several hundred of them? Front and center in the picture of a few jars is the jar named after him!

Do you know? Check out the artist who is truly living the dream. . .

The Brooklyn Flea

bklyn-flea1I love flea markets. In fact I drive my family a little crazy when that’s what I want to do on vacations. Yeah, that’s a nice beach, but let’s hit that flea market instead.

One of my favorite of all time is in Brooklyn. I love just about everything about the Brooklyn Flea. The two day event, the smells of the food, the fact that it is indoors in the winter and just the variety of junk! In fact the typewriter image shown above was taken at the indoor location at One Hansen Place (right near the Barclays Center!).
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A little bit of this, a little bit of that . . .

That’s how my collecting habit grew. Over the many years as a Guide for I would write about new collectibles. Soon I would need one. Absolutely have to have it.  As one friend mentioned, if Barb writes about it, no doubt she’ll soon be collecting it. True.

Of course I didn’t start collecting everything I wrote about, but it was tempting at times!

Going to flea markets and antique stores is another problem. Since I’ve been in the collecting world for so many years, there was always something different I wasn’t aware of or had never seen before. Now, I didn’t always bring it home. But I did a lot of time.

All this is just a way of saying I  have quite a few small collections, a few fairly large collections and a great appreciation for vintage and antique smalls.