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Selling Cookie Jars on Facebook

monopolymanI recently wrote an article over on about the new ways people are finding to sell their stuff — the ABC’s of Selling Your Stuff on Facebook.

Having a garage sale, donating, eBay or perhaps selling on Craigslist has always been an option for clutter clearing, but over the past few years another avenue has opened up. Facebook. Yes, Facebook is not only a good way to keep up with friends, but also to sell and get rid of your stuff — good, valuable and even junk.

Facebook is also a great place to sell and buy cookie jars. The groups aren’t huge, but there are several on Facebook that are terrific for collectors to share their treasures, share their finds and also sell/trade jars.
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A Candidate for Hoarders?

boxesIt’s so bad that I probably shouldn’t even post a picture . . . But I do have an excuse, I’m packing up a selection of cookie jars to send to an auction house.

Now before anyone thinks that I’m getting rid of my collection, think again. This will only be a small dent and there are many that are left. For this auction I am selling an assortment of pieces, including some of those amazing Disney Limited Edition jars, a few McCoys, some Shawnee, lots of character jars and even the American Bisque Little Audrey. It’s a little sad to say goodbye, but I want to have room to enjoy the ones I have left and this is a good start. Sort of…

FYI: The auction will be hosted by Mickelson’s Auctions in Freeman, Missouri during the month of July. There will be bidding via the Internet.

College Brackets, Mascots and Cookie jars!

tennesseecjIt’s the NCAA bracket time and I’ve already made my picks. My one claim to fame is the time I won $500. in a company wide contest. It’s also the last time the company ever had the contest, is it because an older woman beat out all the sports writers? I tend to think so!

But this one is all for fun, I’ve taken the College Mascots on cookie jars and lined them up in four divisions — the Cats, Birds, Dogs and Logos, with a few additions here and there. It’s your turn to pick your favorite mascots in each division. Three may be picked in each division and in about ten days we will go to the next round.

Make your picks here . .

Expedited Shipping Costs on eBay – Absurd

Yikes! It’s happened a few times, I’ve seen something on eBay, either a bid or Buy It Now that I am interested in getting and realized that shipping was beyond expensive, but absurd. Lately I’ve realized I need to take a good look at the shipping costs. True the costs have gone up a lot over the past few years, but some sellers are ridiculous.

Case in point — a fun cookie jar that I’ve never seen in person, was more than mildly interested in it. Price was under $100. but shipping was $58.50. Really? Today I looked at another piece, shipping was over $30. Shipping at most for these items would be maybe $20. and that’s stretching it. But $58. to ship a cookie jar? I didn’t even bother to ask the seller about sending it a different method, if that’s their mindset, I don’t want to even go there.

When I did “call” a seller on a piece a few months ago that was more for shipping than the purchase price, again listed as expedited shipping, he apologized and said he didn’t realize that was clicked in the listings. So perhaps this is an eBay thing, but I am not going to pay 100% over actual price for handling costs. No way.

Speaking of Jars . . .

What famous artist also collects cookie jars and confesses to owning several hundred of them? Front and center in the picture of a few jars is the jar named after him!

Do you know? Check out the artist who is truly living the dream. . .

Saturday Morning Thrift Stores

Last fall our family fell into a bit of a routine, DH and I would meet with the “kids” (aka grown adults to everyone else) for breakfast, DH would go off to work and the rest of us would hit up some thrift stores and garage sales.

OWCsantaIt’s been a lot of laid-back fun and the first time I ever realized that our son-in-law was into that type of thing. After all, he’s only been part of the family for 25 years. Daughter not into it so much, but she puts up with our thrift store adventures. Grudgingly.

She has strongly suggested that we curtail the thrift store/garage sale shopping to every few weeks, so we’re slowing that part down. But I’ll take whatever spending-time with them that I can get.
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