Voyage of the Vikings

Travel is always an adventure, but some people take the fun to a new extreme.

Our journey starts in Boston, but getting there the flights were surprisingly and happily on time. Long Wharf Marriott hotel had a room ready early, with a bonus view of Boston Harbor. 

Only only one word about CLT — don’t. In all our travels, the crowds, confusion and mess rivaled trying to depart from Newark during a time the whole area was shut down due to thunderstorms. I looked at the departure/arrival board in Charlotte and everything was on time. So… is that a normal occurrence?

A bowl of clam chowder that I have been thinking about having since we were here four years ago did not disappoint and life is good. 

The thing is .. I almost made it a lot better for numerous others, but people were honest.

I know you’ve all seen pictures/cartoons of people throwing  money out the windows or an armored car with cash falling out the back door…. Yeah… that was me on day one. 

I bought a few bottles of water from a street vendor and as I was searching for an additional dollar bill in my bag, a gust of wind blew some bucks I was holding out of my hand. Under the vendors cart and down the sidewalk. The more I tried to gather the bills up, I kept dropping more. And they were blowing all over. Fives, tens and a few twenties. At least ten – twelve bills were blowing around and as some folks helped me corral, literally more fell out of the bag. 

I am not sure all were returned to me, I have no way of knowing, but I think I got them back.

One man was heard saying as he walked away .  . “I think I will follow her around for a while”. 

VOV Day Two

COVID TEST DAY. . . I haven’t been this anxious about a test since the biology regents in High School. Walking over to the AllClearheatth center about ½ mile away from hotel, an antigen test was given and true to their word, results were ready in about 15 minutes.  NEGATIVE!!! Whew

Now I can actually think about cruising without that hanging over our heads. 

A quick walk around the harbor area, talking to Red Auerbach and comparing shoe size with Larry Bird made the afternoon complete. 

But the best was yet to come. 

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