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Barb’s 15 Rules of Life

Just my two cents, for my grandkids.

  1. Remember that people will judge you by what you post and write on social media, you never know who might be reading those four-letter rants or risque pictures. Is that what you want employers or your parents to see?
  2. Always buy lemonade from the kids selling on the corner.
  3. If you stop to listen…. always give some change to street musicians. And if they are not so great, make it a buck.
  4. Don’t steal someone’s thunder by announcing their news on your social page.
  5. Tip generously when the waiter/waitress is trying their best, does that extra dollar make more of a difference to them or to you?
  6. Complement a stranger.
  7. Don’t always be the taker in a friendship, but then again, if you’re always the one giving, the question is why?
  8. Never, ever pass a Christmas kettle without helping others.
  9. Buy the “good” candy for Halloween.
  10. Vote. In every election.
  11. Give the service folks a present during the holidays. Think of how much easier they make your life!
  12. Treat people kindly, as we never know what they might be going through.
  13. But when the negativity gets to be too much, don’t let it destroy you. Vacate the relationship!
  14. Pick up that penny on the ground, it’s your lucky day.
  15. Tell someone you love them. Everyday.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Amazon’s Deal of the Day!

Superman or Batman?


Amazon Prime Increase — Okay with me!

I’ve heard folks are pretty unhappy about the Amazon Prime increases. Not me. Although I obviously would like to keep the fees the same, at $99. it’s still a bargain.

One added benefit that many don’t know about — you can add up to four household/family members to your Prime membership. They get the same two day shipping benefits, but do not get the video and library downloads.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

Years ago when the Roerig’s cookie jar newsletter was being published, Keith Lytle had a few columns on ugly jars. People would send in pictures of their weirdest/ugliest/strangest cookie  jars and folks would get to pick the one that fits the title — Ugly Cookie Jar.

As any collector knows, no jar is really ugly and we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this is strictly for fun. And the owners of these jars are the folks that submitted them via the Cookie Jar Net Facebook page. Some really are ugly, one is definitely x-rated and then there are a few that are simply different.

Now it’s your chance to pick the winner. We’ll be leaving the poll up for a month.
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Celebrity Home Raiders?

Celebrity Home Raiders -the newest reality show features celebrities and their stuff. The show is  on the Lifetime channel and premieres on Thursday, March 6, 2014.

bidSJulien’s Auctions visits the stars in their home, finds something memorable to sell and then it hits the auction block for charity.

While I’ll be especially interested to watch when favorite personalities are on and to see what their stuff sells for, the Gladys Kravitz in me wants to see what their house looks like. Especially Ice T and Coco!

  • March 6 – Gene Simmons and Ice T and Coco
  • March 13 – David Hasselhoff/Fran Drescher
  • March 20 – Rick Harrison
  • March 27 – David Cassidy
  • April 3 – Debbie Gibson
  • April 4 – Lance Bass

The one strike against with the show from the beginning  — it’s on Lifetime, the folks who also bring you the bully show Dance Moms.