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Getting Ready for Garage Sales’s a little hard to think about getting ready to have a garage/yard sale when the temperature is 10 degrees and there is ice on the streets. Unless you have a heated garage, which I don’t!

In our corner of the world, it won’t be too long before it starts warming up (or so I’ve been told!) and the garage sale signs will be sprouting on lawns as prolific as the weeds of spring.

If you’re preparing for your first-ever garage sale, or if you’re an old pro — a few helpful hints are always welcome.
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Saturday Morning Thrift Stores

Last fall our family fell into a bit of a routine, DH and I would meet with the “kids” (aka grown adults to everyone else) for breakfast, DH would go off to work and the rest of us would hit up some thrift stores and garage sales.

OWCsantaIt’s been a lot of laid-back fun and the first time I ever realized that our son-in-law was into that type of thing. After all, he’s only been part of the family for 25 years. Daughter not into it so much, but she puts up with our thrift store adventures. Grudgingly.

She has strongly suggested that we curtail the thrift store/garage sale shopping to every few weeks, so we’re slowing that part down. But I’ll take whatever spending-time with them that I can get.
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