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A Candidate for Hoarders?

boxesIt’s so bad that I probably shouldn’t even post a picture . . . But I do have an excuse, I’m packing up a selection of cookie jars to send to an auction house.

Now before anyone thinks that I’m getting rid of my collection, think again. This will only be a small dent and there are many that are left. For this auction I am selling an assortment of pieces, including some of those amazing Disney Limited Edition jars, a few McCoys, some Shawnee, lots of character jars and even the American Bisque Little Audrey. It’s a little sad to say goodbye, but I want to have room to enjoy the ones I have left and this is a good start. Sort of…

FYI: The auction will be hosted by Mickelson’s Auctions in Freeman, Missouri during the month of July. There will be bidding via the Internet.

Bertoia’s Toy and Train Auction

froginthroatJust reading the press release from Bertoia’s May auction is enough to get any collector’s heart racing. With 1400 lots, there is a Lot to look at and I will!

The May 9-10 auction has trains, toys, comic characters, tin toys and even a new-to-Bertoia category of Country Store items. So what are you waiting for, pop over to their website and see what’s happening!

From Bertoia’s:
A special highlight of the sale is Part II of the renowned Frank Loveland train collection, which will be offered during the Saturday session. Also featured is Harvey Funderwhite’s exceptional collection of horse-drawn cast-iron bell toys.
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Expedited Shipping Costs on eBay – Absurd

Yikes! It’s happened a few times, I’ve seen something on eBay, either a bid or Buy It Now that I am interested in getting and realized that shipping was beyond expensive, but absurd. Lately I’ve realized I need to take a good look at the shipping costs. True the costs have gone up a lot over the past few years, but some sellers are ridiculous.

Case in point — a fun cookie jar that I’ve never seen in person, was more than mildly interested in it. Price was under $100. but shipping was $58.50. Really? Today I looked at another piece, shipping was over $30. Shipping at most for these items would be maybe $20. and that’s stretching it. But $58. to ship a cookie jar? I didn’t even bother to ask the seller about sending it a different method, if that’s their mindset, I don’t want to even go there.

When I did “call” a seller on a piece a few months ago that was more for shipping than the purchase price, again listed as expedited shipping, he apologized and said he didn’t realize that was clicked in the listings. So perhaps this is an eBay thing, but I am not going to pay 100% over actual price for handling costs. No way.

My first eBay purchase . .

COcountdraculaBDo you remember your first eBay purchase? I remember mine, because I didn’t start off with a little item — no, I started off with a purchase a $160. cookie jar.

It was shortly after I joined eBay in July 1996.

I collected cookie jars and had recently seen the California Originals Count Dracula jar at a Cookie Jar Show for $400 or $500. Way out of my price range. But since the Sesame Street Cookie Monster is the one I consider the start of my collecting addiction, I really wanted it.
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Almost a Million $$

Not too much excites toy collectors more than to find some NOS items and when it comes to auction — the bidders will come out! That’s what happened at the February 15th Morphy Auction that wound up grossing $996,000!

According to Dan Morphy of Morphy Auctions,
the piece was found in a toy store in Japan!

An exceptional boxed example of a Bandai 12-inch “Flying Spaceman” took a wild ride on February 15th at Morphy’s before settling at $55,200 – more than three times its high estimate. Described in the Toy Auction catalog as being “possibly the best known example,” the crisp and colorful Japanese tin-litho motorcycle toy features a vinyl-caped hard-rubber “Superman” rider with a large tin “S” insignia on its chest.
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