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A Beautiful Noise . . . .

As an avid fan of Neil Diamond and his music, all my alerts went on high priority. I was going to be in Boston and A Beautiful Noise was debuting there at the same time. Doesn’t get much better than that. 

Tickets were bought and the musical was a go after an early cancellation for covid protocols and we felt lucky to be there. The Emerson Colonial Theater – beautiful, ornate and with history just oozing from the golden gilt walls.

Onto the show. 

It started off a little slow, not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it. Format was a bit different with two Neil Diamonds on the stage at the same time. The current one – age appropriate was performed by Mark Jacoby and his younger self played by Will Swenson.  It took a few minutes to wrap my head around the way the story was progressing  and the dancers who were amazing, but just felt like an extra that wasn’t needed.

I checked my watch and only fifteen minutes had gone by. 

BUT that was the last time I checked. 

The show started catching on fire, with the music and well known songs soon reaching out and filling every crevice of the Emerson. The story was fairly familiar to me and his individual songs seemed to mesh with life events as told by the older Neil in an ongoing therapy session. I’m not really sure that’s how and when they were produced, but hey, what do I know? 

By intermission we were completely hooked and couldn’t wait for the second half. The more Swenson sang, the more he sounded like the real deal. 

But he wasn’t the only one who sang, Robyn Hurder who played Neil’s second wife Marcia, was outstanding in everything she delivered. 

Framed by fictional therapy sessions, the show features Diamond reacting to his lyrics, as his therapist (Linda Powell) reads aloud from “The Complete Lyrics of Neil Diamond.”  A “Ghost of Christmas Past”-style exploration ensues, as the songs come to life with help from the 10-person ensemble and the onstage band.  The Patriot Ledger

It’s hard to pick a defining moment of the show, but to me it was probably the gut-checking performance done by Jacoby of I am . .  I Said. 

The musical is in pre-Broadway mode and starting previews at the Broadhurst Theater in November, 2022. I already have my tickets!

Voyage of the Vikings

Travel is always an adventure, but some people take the fun to a new extreme.

Our journey starts in Boston, but getting there the flights were surprisingly and happily on time. Long Wharf Marriott hotel had a room ready early, with a bonus view of Boston Harbor. 

Only only one word about CLT — don’t. In all our travels, the crowds, confusion and mess rivaled trying to depart from Newark during a time the whole area was shut down due to thunderstorms. I looked at the departure/arrival board in Charlotte and everything was on time. So… is that a normal occurrence?

A bowl of clam chowder that I have been thinking about having since we were here four years ago did not disappoint and life is good. 

The thing is .. I almost made it a lot better for numerous others, but people were honest.

I know you’ve all seen pictures/cartoons of people throwing  money out the windows or an armored car with cash falling out the back door…. Yeah… that was me on day one. 

I bought a few bottles of water from a street vendor and as I was searching for an additional dollar bill in my bag, a gust of wind blew some bucks I was holding out of my hand. Under the vendors cart and down the sidewalk. The more I tried to gather the bills up, I kept dropping more. And they were blowing all over. Fives, tens and a few twenties. At least ten – twelve bills were blowing around and as some folks helped me corral, literally more fell out of the bag. 

I am not sure all were returned to me, I have no way of knowing, but I think I got them back.

One man was heard saying as he walked away .  . “I think I will follow her around for a while”. 

VOV Day Two

COVID TEST DAY. . . I haven’t been this anxious about a test since the biology regents in High School. Walking over to the AllClearheatth center about ½ mile away from hotel, an antigen test was given and true to their word, results were ready in about 15 minutes.  NEGATIVE!!! Whew

Now I can actually think about cruising without that hanging over our heads. 

A quick walk around the harbor area, talking to Red Auerbach and comparing shoe size with Larry Bird made the afternoon complete. 

But the best was yet to come.